Client Member List

This is the complete list of members for Client, including all inherited members.
addEphemerizerAddress(const string &address)Client [inline]
addLocalStorage(const char *dir)Client [inline]
addS3Storage(const char *bucket)Client [inline]
download(const string &filename)Client
getCpabePrivateKeyFile() const Client [inline]
getCpabePublicKeyFile() const Client [inline]
getPath() const Client [inline]
instance()Client [static]
interact(const unsigned char *request, unsigned int requestLength, unsigned char *response, unsigned int responseLength, int keyManagerID=0)Client
readConfig(const char *filename)Client [inline]
renew(const string &filename, const char *newPolicyName)Client
revoke(const char *policyName)Client
setCpabePrivateKeyFile(const string &filename)Client [inline]
setCpabePublicKeyFile(const string &filename)Client [inline]
setNumber(int number)Client [inline]
setPath(const string &path)Client [inline]
setSecretFile(const string &secretFile)Client [inline]
setThreshold(int threshold)Client [inline]
upload(const string &filename, char *policyName)Client
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