NCFS: Installation Steps

The following installation steps are based on Ubuntu.

  1. Install FUSE and pkg-config

    sudo apt-get install libfuse-dev

    sudo apt-get install pkg-config

  2. Download the NCFS source code.

  3. Extract and make the NCFS.

    tar zxvf ncfs-1.0.0.tar.gz

    cd ncfs-1.0.0


  4. Setup NCFS.

    sudo ./ <number of nodes> <size of each node in MB>

    (Fast setup to create nodes on local loop devices)

    (Example: use "sudo ./ 4 1000" to create 4 nodes of 1000MB)


    Modify the raid_setting file manually according to the Guide of NCFS to use specific local or networked (by ATA-over-Ethernet or iSCSI)storage devices.

  5. To mount NCFS at ./mountdir

    sudo ./ncfs rootdir mountdir

    (non-debug mode)


    sudo ./ncfs -d rootdir mountdir

    (debug mode)

  6. To unmount ./mountdir

    sudo fusermount -u mountdir

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