Advanced Networking and System Research Laboratory


The Advanced Networking and System Research Laboratory (ANSRLab) is a research group affiliated with Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is led by Professor John C.S. Lui, and comprises a group of energetic MPhil and PhD students. Our research emphasis spans a wide range of theoretical and applied topics in computer networks. We address the challenging and interesting research problems in computer networks using both (i) rigorous mathematical and analytical approaches and (ii) extensive system implementation and experiments. Through dedicated research efforts, we seek to make a fundamental impact in the area of computer networking and data communication.

Unlike other research groups that emphasize on publication, we believe this should not be the ultimate goal. Instead, we believe a good intellectual atmosphere is very crucial. As long as our group members are excited about learning, and actively exploring creative solutions to important problems, then good research work, publication and reputation will follow.

Recruitment: We are recruiting motivated graduate students and post-docs who are interested in computer networking research. Please contact any faculty member of our group.

Overview of Research

Our research spans a wide range of interesting theoretical and applied topics, in an attempt to address both the low-layer protocols as well as the high-layer networking applications. Our current research areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Theoretical/analytical issues:
    • Analysis of social networks
    • Modeling of peer-to-peer networks
    • Mathematical incentive theories
    • Network economics
  • Applied/systems issues:
    • Network resilience and security
    • Network management, measurement, monitoring
    • System design for multicore architectures
    • Robustness of wireless infrastructure and adhoc networks
    • Multimedia networking

Please refer to the Projects page for details.

Students' Careers

We are dedicated to provide the best educational training for students and make them well-prepared in their careers, either in industry and academia. We are proud to say that students in our group have accomplished significant achievements. Not only their work appear in prestigious international conferences/journals, some of them even won best paper award. Many of them eventually go to prestigious places in academia or industry, including:

  • Academia: Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, USC, UIUC, Princeton, Purdue, CMU, Caltech, Toronto, etc.
  • Industry: IBM, Microsoft, Tencent, EMC, INRIA Research Lab, Outblaze, Barclays Bank, Morgan Stanley, Harmonic Inc, Deutsche Bank, CitiGroup, HSBC, etc.

Please refer to the People page for their careers after graduation.

Lastly, if you share the same vision like us, we welcome you to join us or to talk to any member of our group.