Education (need to update)

  • CSCI3220 (Fundamentals of Machine Learning)
  • CSCI3150 (Introduction to Operating Systems)
  • CSCI3160 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms)
  • CSCI5470 (Computer and Network Security)
  • IERG4220 (Secure Software Engineering)
  • IERG4210 (Web Programing and Security)
  • IERG5320 (Digital Forensics)
  • CSCI4180 (Introduction to Cloud Computing and Storage)
  • CSCI5570 (Large Scale Data Processing Systems)
  • CSCI5580 (Online algorithms for machine learning and optimization)
  • IERG6300 (Theory of Probability)
  • IERG5130 (Probabilistic Models and Inference Algorithms for Machine Learning)
  • ENGG5501 (Foundations of Optimization)
  • IERG5330 (Network Economics)
  • CSC5420 (Computer System Performance Evaluation)
  • IERG3090 (Advanced Internet Protocol and Systems)
  • IERG3050 (Simulation and Statistical Analysis)
  • IERG4180 (Network Software Design & Programming)
  • IERG5154 (Information Theory)
  • CSCI5320 (Topics in Graph Algorithms)
  • Linear and non-linear Optimization (can be taken from the Math or the SEEM Dept)
  • Basic Control Theory (can be taken from the the ACAE Dept)

Useful Materials

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