Current Students

Graduated Students

  • Xutong Liu (Ph.D 2017-2022)
    • Thesis: "Efficient (Online) Learning Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Framework, Theory and Applications"
    • First employment: Postdoc, CUHK
  • Zhuohua Li (Ph.D 2017-2022)
    • Thesis: "Language-based Methods for System Security: Secure Kernel Module Development and Static Analysis"
    • First employment: Postdoc, CUHK
  • Shiyuan Zheng
    • Thesis: "Visibility Boosting Service in Online Social Networks: Theory, Algorithms and Applications"
    • First employment: ByteDance, USA
  • Jincheng Wang
    • Thesis: "Toward a Secure Internet of Things System: Threats and Defense"
    • First employment: Postdoc, PolyU, HK.
  • Tingwei Liu (Ph.D 2016-2020)
    • Thesis: "Data Driven and Learning Approach to Design Large Scale Networks: Theory, Algorithms and Applications"
    • First employment: Researcher, Google.
  • Ye Li (Ph.D 2016-2021)
    • Thesis: "Towards Autonomous and Explainable Data Driven Decision: Framework and Applications"
    • First employment: Research engineer, Alibaba.
  • Xiaoying Zhang (Ph.D 2015-2020)
    • Thesis: "User Behavior Modelling in Web Application: Learning and Optimization"
    • **Current employment: ** Research engineer, Bytedance.
  • Xiaowei Chen (Ph.D 2014-2018)
    • Thesis: "Online Social Network Analysis: Graphlet Counting and Community Exploration"
    • Current employment: Research engineer, Bytedance.
  • Kechao Cai (Ph.D 2014-2019)
    • Thesis: "Learning Algorithms for Network Science Problems"
    • **First employment: ** Assistant Professor, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), China.
  • Yishi Lin (Ph.D 2017)
    • ** Thesis:** "Information Di usion and Distance Query in Large-Scale Networks: Theory, Algorithms and Applications"
    • ** First employment:** Researcher, Tencent, China.
  • Mingshen Sun (Ph.D 2016)
    • Thesis: "Toward a Secure Mobile Platform: From Applications to Systems"
    • First employment: ByteDance, USA. Researcher.
  • Qin Liu (Ph.D 2016)
    • Thesis: "Scalable Algorithms and Systems for Graph Analytics and Stream Processing"
    • First employment: Researcher, Noah's Ark Lab, Huawei Technologies, Hong Kong.
  • Hong Xie (Ph.D 2015)
    • Thesis: "The Data Science of Internet Economics: Modeling, Analysis and Inference"
    • Employment: Professor, Chongqing University.
  • Min Zheng (Ph.D 2015)
    • Thesis: "Design and Implementation of MobiSaS: Mobile Security Analysis System"
    • Employment: Senior Security Engineer, Alibaba.
  • Silei Xu (M.Phil 2015)
    • Thesis: "Product Selection Problem: Improve Market Share by Learning Consumer Behavior"
    • Acdemic Status: Ph.D student, Stanford University.
  • Zichao Yang (M.Phil 2012)
    • Thesis: "Mathematical Analysis of Security Investment Strategies and Influence of Cyber-Insurance in Networks"
    • Acdemic Status: Ph.D student, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Yongkun Li (Ph.D 2012)
    • Thesis: " Influence Modeling and Malicious Users Identification in Interactive Networks"
    • Employment: Associate professor, School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China.
  • Weijie Wu (Ph.D 2012)
    • Thesis: "Replication and Incentive Mechanisms Design in Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand Systems"
    • Employment: Future Network Theory Lab, Huawei Technologies, Hong Kong.
  • Mengwei Lu (M.Phil 2010)
    • Thesis: "Server's Anonymity Attack and Protection of P2P-Vod Systems"
    • Employment: Member of technical Staff, Tencent Inc, China.
  • Bridge Qiao Zhao (M.Phil 2009)
    • Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of Incentive Policies in P2P Networks
    • Acdemic Status: Ph.D student, Stanford University.
  • Steven Yuedong Xu (Ph.D 2009)
    • Thesis: Theory Resource Allocation in Next Generation Wireless Networks
    • Status: Associate Professor, Fudan University, China.
  • Wang Yue (Ph.D 2009)
    • Thesis: Characterizing Next Generation Wireless: Capacity Gain, Backlog and Delay
    • Employment: Associate Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics, China.
  • Qiuhui Li (M.Phil 2009)
    • Thesis: On Modeling Clustering Indexes of BT-like Systems
    • Employment: Member of technical staff, EMC Inc.
  • Jerry J. Le (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: Practical Network Coding in Wireless Networks
    • Employment: Barclays Bank.
  • Minghong Lin (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: Stochastic Analysis of BitTorrent-like File Sharing Systems.
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, Caltech.
  • Moe T.Y. Wong (Ph.D)
    • Thesis: "Distributed Algorithms in Network Security."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, CUHK.
    • Employment: Senior Researcher, ASTRI, Hong Kong.
  • Yeung Siu Fung (Ph.D)
    • Thesis: "Security Issues of Digital Entertainment Systems."
    • Employment: Senior IT executive, Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, Hong Kong.
  • Lee, Cheuk Man Sam (Ph.D)
    • Thesis: "Scaling and Interaction of Internet Service Providers"
    • Current Status: Member of Technical Staff, Outblaze Limited.
  • Fan Bin (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: Performance Analysis of BT-like Protocols.
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Gao Yan (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: Performance Modeling of Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, UIUC.
  • Ray Lam Kong (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: On Access Pricing in Wireless Mesh Networks.
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, UIUC.
  • Joe W.J. Jiang (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Stability Issues of Dynamic Selfish Routing."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, Princeton University.
  • Alan T.S. Ip (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Collaborative Proxy Systems for Multimedia Streaming Applications."
    • Employment: Member of Technical Staff, Harmonic Inc
  • H.B. Sun (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Defense Against Low Rate TCP Attacks."
    • Employment: Member of Technical Staff, Microsoft, Redmond, USA.
  • Ma, Tian Bai (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Designing Incentive Protocols for P2P Networks."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student in Columbia University
    • Employment: Assistant Professor in NUS and Senior Researcher in ASTAR, Singapore
  • Liu, Kevin Yun Kai (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Service Replication Strategies of Service Overlay Networks"
    • Employment: Software Developer, JP Morgan.
  • Hui, Ying Kin (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "A Small World Approach to Designing P2P Networks"
    • Employment: Member of Technical Staff in Octopus Inc.
  • Yeung Siu Fung (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Design and Implementation of Secured Proxy Multimedia Systems."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student in CUHK.
  • Chris Ma (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Jamming and Security in 802.11 Protocol."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student, Purdue University
  • Lee, Pak Ching Patrick (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Security Key Distribution via Distributed and Collaborative Clients."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D from Columbia University
    • Employment: currently assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Lee, Cheuk Man Sam (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Admission Control and Dynamic Adaptation for a Proportional Delay DiffServ-Enabled Web Server"
    • Academic Status: Ph.D study in CUHK.
  • Law Kwok Tai (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Network Security via Efficient IP Traceback."
    • Employment: Member of Technical Staff, Bank of China.
  • Chow, Lik Hang Alix (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Dynamic Control and Adaptation Of Multi-path Multimedia Streaming."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D student in University of Southern California.
    • Employment: Researcher in Nokia Research Lab, Beijing, China.
  • Wong, Ho Yin Starsky (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "End System Multicast: Theory, System and Applications."
    • Academic Status: Ph.D from UCLA,
    • Employment: researcher in the IBM T.J. Watson Research Lab
  • Tung Tak Fu (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Fundamental Issues of Multi-paths Multimedia Streaming."
    • Employment: Member of Technical Staff in Harmonic Inc.
  • Matthew K.H. Leung (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Adaptive Proportional Delay Differentiated Services: Characterization and Performance Evaluation."
    • Employment: Currently working in HSBC
  • X.Q. Wang (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Admission Control Algorithm for Providing Quality-of-Service Guarantee for Individual Connection in a Video-on-Demand System."
    • Employment: Currently a Ph.D student in the SEEM Dept.
  • Peter Tam (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Routing Algorithms and Channel Reservation Strategies for a Low Earth Orbit Satellite System."
    • Employment: Founder and CTO in Infoislive Inc.
  • Oldfields K.Y. So (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Design Issues of a Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environment System."
    • Current status: Studying Master of Divinity (way to go, Oldfield!!)
  • M.F. Chan (Big Brother Fei) (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Design and Implementation of Distributed Virtual Environment Systems."
    • Employment: Currently working as senior consultant in Poly-Asia Computer Inc.
  • Lie Wai-Kwok Peter (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Parallel Replication in Distributed Video-on-Demand Systems."
    • Employment: Member of Technical Staff in Entone Technologies.
  • Leung Yuk Yee, Mary (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "System Sizing and Resource Allocation for Video-on-Demand Systems."
    • Employment: Currently working for CitiGroup
  • Law Kwok-Wai (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "On Design of a Scalable Video Data Placement Strategy for Supporting A Load Balanced Video-on-Demand Storage Server."
    • Employment: Founder and CTO at C5 Solutions Inc.
  • Fong Chiu-Fai (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Techniques of Distributed Caching and Terminal Tracking for Mobile Computing."
    • Employment: Currently working in Morgan Stanley, Hong Kong.
  • Lau, Clarence Siu-Wah (Ph.D)
    • Thesis: "Storage Architecture for Video-on-Demand System."
    • Employment: Currently is a Senior Lecturer at H.K. Technical College
  • Chan, Horace Wai-Kit (M.Phil)
    • Thesis: "Application of Temporal Difference Learning and Supervised Learning in the Game of Go."
    • Employment: VP, Deutsche Bank


  • Weibo Chu
  • Jian Li
  • Jinbei Zhang
  • Kun Chen
  • Yang Hu
  • Kan Wu
  • Yulai Xie
  • Mengmeng Li
  • Farid Sattari
  • Junzhou Zhao
  • Pinghui Wang
  • Shuang Zhao
  • Junbo Zhang
  • Zhenxian Hu
  • Yunfeng Zhu
  • Michael Chiu-Man Yu

Academic Family Tree

Collected by Qin Liu. Inspired by Erik Demaine's Academic Family. Thanks to The Mathematics Genealogy Project for providing most of this information.

John C. S. (Chi Shing) Lui, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1991
└ Richard R. Muntz, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1969
  └ Edward Grady Coffman, Jr., Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1966
    └ Leonard Kleinrock, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963
      └ Edward Arthurs, Sc.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1955
        └ William Kirby Linvil, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1949
          └ Ernst Adolph Guillemin, Sc.D., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 1926
            └ Arnold Johannes Wilhelm Sommerfeld, Ph.D., Universität Königsberg, 1891
              └ C. L. Ferdinand (Carl Louis) Lindemann, Ph.D., Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 1873
                └ C. Felix (Christian) Klein, Dr. phil., Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, 1868
                  ├ Julius Plücker, Ph.D., Philipps-Universität Marburg, 1823
                  │ └ Christian Ludwig Gerling, Dr. phil., Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 1812
                  │   └ Carl Friedrich Gauss, Ph.D., Universität Helmstedt, 1799
                  │     └ Johann Friedrich Pfaff, Dr. phil., Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 1786
                  │       ├ Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, Ph.D., Universität Leipzig, 1739
                  │       │ └ Christian August Hausen, Dr. phil., Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 1713
                  │       │   ├ Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen, Ph.D., Universität Leipzig, 1685
                  │       │   │ └ Otto Mencke, Ph.D., Universität Leipzig, 1665
                  │       │   │   └ Jakob Thomasius, Magister der Philosophie, Universität Leipzig, 1643
                  │       │   │     └ Friedrich Leibniz, Magister der Philosophie, Universität Leipzig, 1622 // Gottfried Leibniz's father; unknown advisor
                  │       │   └ Johann Andreas Planer // to be continued
                  │       └ Johann Elert Bode, Handelsakademie Hamburg // to be continued
                  └ Rudolf Otto Sigismund Lipschitz, Dr. phil., Universität Berlin, 1853
                    ├ Gustav Peter Lejeune Dirichlet, Honorary, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, 1827
                    │ ├ Simeon Denis Poisson, Ph.D., École Polytechnique, 1800
                    │ │ ├ Pierre-Simon Laplace
                    │ │ │ └ Jean Le Rond d'Alembert // unknown advisor
                    │ │ └ Joseph Louis Lagrange
                    │ │   └ Leonhard Euler, Ph.D., Universität Basel, 1726
                    │ │     └ Johann Bernoulli, Medicinae Dr., Universität Basel, 1690, 1694
                    │ │       └ Jacob Bernoulli, Dr. hab. Sci., Universität Basel, 1684
                    │ │         └ Nicolas Malebranche, 1672
                    │ │           └ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Dr. phil., Universität Leipzig, 1666; Dr. jur., Universität Altdorf, 1667; Académie royale des sciences de Paris, 1676
                    │ │             ├ Jakob Thomasius, Magister der Philosophie, Universität Leipzig, 1643 // see previous
                    │ │             ├ Erhard Weigel, Ph.D., Universität Leipzig, 1650
                    │ │             │ └ Philipp Müller, Magister artium, Universität Leipzig, 1604 // to be continued
                    │ │             ├ Bartholomäus Leonhard Schwendendörffer, Dr. jur., Universität Leipzig, 1656 // unkown advisor
                    │ │             └ Christiaan Huygens, Juris utriusque Doctor, Université d'Angers, 1655 // to be continued
                    │ └ Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Ph.D., École Normale Supérieure
                    │   └ Joseph Louis Lagrange // see previous
                    └ Martin Ohm, Dr. phil., Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 1811
                      └ Karl Christian von Langsdorf, Dr. phil., Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen and Universität Erfurt, 1781
                        └ Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, Ph.D., Universität Leipzig, 1739 //see previous