We release the following software for academic purposes.

DroidAnalytics: A Signature Based Analytic System to Collect, Extract, Analyze and Associate Android Malware
(TrustCom, 2013) A signature based analytic system for Android Devices. The system can automatically collect, manage, analyze and extract android malware. DroidAnalytics facilitates analysts to retrieve, associate and reveal malicious logics at the “opcode level”. Released in May 2013.

ADAM: An An Automatic and Extensible Platform to Stress Test Android Anti-Virus Systems
(DIMVA 2012) Implementation of assessing the robustness of Android Anti-Virus Systems by generating various types of malware variants. Released in April 2012.

OPERA: an open-source extensible router architecture
A Linux-based package for implementing a software programmable router architecture with the aim to facilitate networking experiments for the research community. Using this architecture, one can dynamically load new extension and services into the programmable router. Some interesting extensions include QoS support and traceback of DDoS attacks. Released in 2003.

SEcure communicAtion Library (SEAL)
C language API which provides necessary software components for developers to write secure dynamic group-oriented applications without any centralized key server. Released in 2003.

Secure Multimedia Library
Library based on Asymmetric Parametric Sequence Method for Secure Multimedia Streaming Proxy. Released in 2003.

Reliable Multimedia Streaming Server PLUS (RMSS+)
Server & Client Software Package for Performing Dynamic Multicasting of Multimedia Contents. Released in 2001.

Reliable Multimedia Streaming Server (RMSS)
Server & Client Software Package for multimedia-on-demand system. Released in 2000.