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:: Router Services

To illustrate the extensibility of our programmable router, we also implement the following services which include:

  1. dynamic erasure code support for video streaming;
  2. load detection service;
  3. denial of service alert via statistical approach and;
  4. distributive algorithm of traceback for denial of service attack.

We highlight the last three services to illustrate the applicability on network security research.

The load detection service adaptively samples the network traffic and monitors for sudden changes in traffic volume. It provides a preliminary alert for any suspicious DoS attack.

The DoS alert via statistical approach coordinates a group of routers to probabilistically mark packets destinated to a victim site. This information is later used to recover the attack graph and determine the local traffic rate of each router.

The distributive algorithm of traceback for DoS attack provides a collaborative method to traceback the attack sources by distributing the traffic sampling to a group of routers. The traffic snapshots at different instances are collected and analyzed on the fly to deduce the local traffic rate of each router and reveal locations of attackers.


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